5 Low Cost Gifts for HS Graduates

It’s that time of year that is filled with excitement, bugs, heat, and beach trips…The summer time! You have undoubtedly been to some graduation parties and cook outs and have some students in your life that you love and want to give some cool gifts to. I am sure that if money were no object you would send your favorite graduate on a trip around the world, buy them a brand new car, and pay their college tuition for 4 years.


For some people however, money is definitely an object, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give some memorable gifts to your favorite graduate. This short article will just highlight some things that you can give to your favorite graduate that do not cost much money at all. Just a little thought.


Here we go.


  1. A video of you.


Imagine if you had a video from your parents, god parents, or other loved ones from 20 years ago saying how proud they are of you? That is a priceless gift. Odds are you can take a video on your phone for free. Tell them how you felt when you first came into their life. Talk about how proud you are of them. Encourage them to do more than they ever thought they could. I often say this, relatives have your name, family has your back.


  1. A separate email address just from you.


Time away from home can be lonely for some students. You can create a special email address for your favorite graduate and send them pictures, well wishes, and short videos so they can have mementos to pull inspiration from. This is free and priceless.


  1. A meal with someone influential.


I am my parents’ first child. So when I went off to college they really didn’t know what to expect just like I didn’t. I was fortunate to connect with some great people through a church in the area and I was treated well. Depending on where your graduate is attending college you may know someone in the area that you can introduce them to. Maybe you have an old friend or classmate that can show them the area so that they are more comfortable. If you don’t know anybody in the area, perhaps you could coordinate a meal with the president of the school, the dean of the college or department they’re entering to get them off to a great start on campus.


  1. A home cooked meal.


This is self-explanatory. Good home cooked food will elude your new graduate. Make sure they have great food to eat before they go off. You can cook it or someone else can cook it, but share a home cooked meal with them and enjoy the times.


  1. An interview with themselves to revisit every year.


Video comes into play again. Get your graduate on camera and ask them what they expect from themselves. Ask them what kind of grades they expect of themselves. Ask them how they will get involved in school. Ask them how they will make their future selves proud. This is something they can revisit every single year.


We are currently booking dates for the Fall of 2016 and beyond. We’d love to partner with your organization to deliver a great program for your students.


Do you have any low cost gifts for high school graduates? If so please reply to this email or comment below. We’d love to have your suggestions to pass along to others.


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Until we meet again.


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