5 Things to Do in 2017 That’ll Make It Memorable

It is now 2017!!


Congratulations you are alive and hopefully well. You should be excited about the New Year and I hope and trust that you have big plans this year.


Let’s just get the obvious stuff out of the way: Most people that make New Year’s resolutions don’t follow through past a few weeks.


The reason they don’t usually follow through is because they try to go from 0-100 in a few days. People will make resolutions like: I’m going to eat vegan for 3 months! (when you just finished a 2 week Christmas cookie and cake binge on December 31st)


In an effort to help you make the greatest impact on 2017 I want to give you easy things to make your 2017 the most epic, amazing, and memorable year in recent memory.


  1. Replace your underwear. Having fresh under garments are a great thing to do. Give yourself a fresh start by starting with fresh drawers. Don’t just stop with drawers get socks too!
  2. Pick 1 book to read for the month of January from someone doing what you aspire to do. If you’re an avid reader then challenge yourself to read 2 books, but select the books by authors that are doing what you aspire and desire to do. If you want to be a musician, read a musician’s book. If you want to be a teacher, read a teacher’s book. If you want to be an astrophysicist, read an astrophysicist’s book.
  3. Support an entertainer that you know and/or one who is not famous. If Beyonce came to your city and you are a Beyonce fan odds are you will do everything you can to get a ticket. At this point in her career however, your support of her doesn’t matter. Find someone you know or someone that isn’t famous who does music, acts, or just writes a blog and support them. Buy their t-shirt, download their album, like their Facebook fan page, or watch and share their videos. Support people you know that are doing good work.
  4. Plan to have fun and plan to go on adventures. So usually the New Year is a time in which we decide we will eat better, exercise more, or read more. All of that is fine and good, but what if you plan to have more fun? Here’s the logic: If you make plans to have fun then you will automatically get more done. For example, if you say every Friday you will go to your favorite restaurant then before Friday you will do all you can to make sure you “deserve” that Fun Friday. If you are married, make sure you and your spouse plan a date night. If you’re like me and have 3 young kids, leaving the house may be tough, so maybe you decide to have a Netflix night or something. But plan for fun and plan for adventures.
  5. Go dark earlier. It’s the winter time and the sun goes down earlier. How about you try just shutting off your cell phone and shutting down your computer earlier? Maybe instead of doing it right when you go to sleep, do it an hour earlier. If you go dark earlier, then odds are you will go to sleep earlier, which will then give you a better night’s sleep which in turn will allow you to have a better more productive day.


Try these 5 things and check back with me next year!


I am excited about the Impact Brand expanding and doing more. If you college, youth organization, or community group is looking for a speaker to keynote an event you have coming up. Feel free to shoot me an email at Odell@OdellSpeaks.com.


Crush the new year!!


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