5 Principles We Can Learn from The Patriots

I don’t like the Patriots. I don’t like Bill Belichick and I surely don’t like Tom Brady. Forget the scandals they were involved in I didn’t like the Patriots because they always beat my favorite player in his prime, Peyton Manning.

If you’re reading this that means there’s a chance you don’t like them either. No matter how much animosity you have towards them you can’t deny their greatness. You don’t even have to respect them, but you have to accept the fact that over the last 17 years they’ve won more games and Super Bowls than any team in the league. This past Sunday the Patriots had the most unprecedented comeback in Super Bowl history. Hate them or not, that is a feat that is to be respected. So instead of maintaining our hate, let’s appreciate and apply some of the principles that have helped the Patriots become successful.


Principle #1–Do your job. That’s the mantra in the Patriots locker room. Coach Belichick has been recorded on the sidelines and in interviews saying the very simple phrase, do your job. To the non-NFL citizen like 99% of the population what does that really mean? It means that we have to define our jobs in life and then do them to the best of our abilities. Are you a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur, a mom, or a dad? Define your role in life and do your best to excel at it. Do your job with excellence.


Principle #2–With a lot of success comes a lot of criticism. A lot of people don’t like the Patriots. I’ve always been a Patriots hater. They just win too much and they’re documented cheaters to everybody outside of their organization. Here’s the lesson from this principle: don’t worry about the haters, just keep winning. And if you think all of your haters will be people, think again. In fact the number 1 thing that will hate on you are your circumstances, aka life. Keep working hard and fighting anyway.


Principle #3–Perfected Passion Produces Prosperity. YouTube clips of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on the sideline, they’re crazy passionate about the game. Read reports of the preparation that the Patriots’ coaching staff puts into their game planning. They are super passionate about what they do. The outside world is just a distraction from their main goal. The message to you and I is this: Find your passion and perfect it. Be meticulous about it and be excellent. The Patriots have done it for years and they’ve been successful.


Principle #4–You don’t always need the best players on your team. The Patriots are lead by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but the casual football fan doesn’t even know who the supporting cast on the team is. Chris Hogan? Mike Mitchell? James White? Dion Lewis? Before this Super Bowl how many casual football fans knew those guys? You may not know who they are, but now they’re champions. Part of Belichick’s genius is being able to spot talent where no one else can. Belichick has stated he looks for players that consistently work hard and follow directions. Tom Brady himself was a 6th round draft pick. The lesson you and I can learn from that is this: just because we may not be the most decorated or highly sought after person in our field, with hard work and consistency we can be champions. Another thing to note is that if we have hard working people around us that we can all do special things together.


Principle #5—Don’t stop fighting until the game is over. The Patriots came back from being down 25 points in the 3rd quarter. Everybody counted them out, except themselves. They kept fighting until the end then they forced the game into overtime and won it in overtime in dramatic fashion. What is your 25 point deficit? What’s stopping you from facing your greatest obstacle? No matter what you have to refuse to lose. I learned this mantra from Hall of Fame basketball coach Kay Yow. Whenever I am facing trials and tribulations I think, I never lose, I either win or I learn. The Patriots won Sunday night, good for them. It’s our turn to win in life. Start with this day, this week, this month, and this year.


You can do it, you will do it, and you will help others.


Until next time!


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