Would we still be friends if I voted for Trump?

Well the debates are over. I will admit the one I did see was pretty entertaining, although I feel as if it should not have been. Many on my Twitter feed and Facebook timeline are having a great time poking fun at the candidates. While some others expressed their disgust for both candidates. It is interesting to note however that one of the two will eventually become the new POTUS.


After the first debate, I asked someone I consider a pretty good friend, if we would still be friends if I voted for “the Donald.” They immediately responded that we would have to have a serious conversation before we could continue our friendship.


Why is that?


Why does the continuity of a friendship have to be interrupted or disturbed by who one chooses to vote for?


The fact of the matter is neither one of these candidates will probably make much of a difference in our daily lives, yet people are blocking, deleting, and berating individuals on their social media feeds by the simple mention of supporting one candidate or the other.


From a leader’s perspective and one who leads others I think we need to look at one word after the election is over: Accountability.


Politicians (especially on a national scale) can make all the campaign promises they want, but if they do not do what they say they’re going to do nothing happens to them. They still get paid, they still gain the respect of whatever office they are elected to. In fact both Clinton and Trump’s profiles will be enhanced greatly just because they are in the running for the office of POTUS.


Here’s how this subject will connect to you. As a leader of leaders, you have to make sure that you are accountable and they are accountable. Here are 2 easy ways to do this:


Agree on a Standard
You’re the leader, the boss, the big cheese at the office or in the department. That means that everybody is looking at you as the standard of excellence. Make sure you set a standard of punctuality, transparency, honesty, and excellence. Define these terms for you and your staff and if you miss the mark, apologize. If they miss the mark, tell them about it and get them to agree that it won’t happen again. This can work in your relationships and friendships as well.


Current Event Management
Every presidential election, police shooting, new TV series, celebrity scandal, or other arbitrary nationally publicized thing evil will rear it’s ugly head. As a leader you have to be able to foresee the foolishness and prepare your leaders for it. The holiday season is coming up, a lot of people celebrate all of the holidays, some people celebrate none of them. Be mindful of that. Talk to your leaders openly about it and if you plan on celebrating some of the holidays make sure you let people know that if they don’t it’s not a big deal. Then after the holidays the new year is coming then the newly elected president will be about to be sworn in, followed by Martin Luther King day. Do you see how those last two events could spark some debates. Get ahead of all of it and have a plan for backlash, insensitive comments, and all the other things that come from being a citizen of this broken world.


All in all, be accountable and have your leaders be accountable as well. We don’t have the luxury to make promises about future jobs and then not pay any consequences if we don’t uphold those promises. Don’t let the future president cause you to lose focus on being the president and CEO of your own life.


Until we chat again, make a positive impact on someone, especially those around you!


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