Your IMPACT = Your Legacy

It is a brand new academic school year for a lot of students all across the country. It is always great to see the back to school pictures of happy children and parents populating in my timelines across social media. As we complete the month of August I have just taken a break from a pretty exciting week of speaking engagements from Texas to Oklahoma to Alabama and even Massachusetts. My trip was culminated by speaking to the largest audience I’ve ever spoken in front of which included 4500 new students in Texas as you can see here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 12.33.09 PM

There were tons of magic moments throughout the week and I highlight this particular one because of one word: Legacy.


After the presentation in Texas in front of 4500 new students starting their undergraduate careers I was excited and wanted to speak with the students and take pictures. Unfortunately the timing of their daily schedule caused them to scatter and go their separate ways. I wasn’t able to tell if my presentation truly had an impact or not. Once the arena was empty something really cool happened, Steve, the manager of the coliseum we were in said to me, “I loved your presentation! It was really great, I especially enjoyed the quote, ‘The only thing in life that should be separated by color is laundry,’ where’d you come up with that?”


Steve’s remarks made me smile because it was apparent what I said had some sort of impact on him (even though he was in his 60s and the presentation was for new college students). Then once Steve and I parted ways I walked around the arena a little bit to see if I could catch up with any students. I ran into the student that introduced me, he rushed up to me very excited about something, I was certain that it was a powerful quote in my speech.


He quickly said, “Is anybody still in the arena? Somebody left something and I wanted to help them find it.” Without hesitation I informed him that Steve was still in the arena with some others cleaning up and he darted off to go find the lost article for his fellow student.


Finally, I went back to my rental car about to drive away when 3 young ladies walked by the car and asked me to roll down the window. They expressed their admiration for my presentation and replayed a few special phrases they recalled and added me on social media.


I write all of this to you because as an educator sometimes you will think your students won’t get it. This school year after the ‘new car smell’ of the school year wears off and you are left wondering if the students really hear you or if you were even meant to be in this field remember one word: Legacy.


The impact you make today is what your legacy will be tomorrow. And here’s something that will take the pressure off of you: Everybody doesn’t have to get it for it to make an impact. Continue being excellent on the job and serving those that utilize what your position offers and enjoy when the fruit surfaces. It could be at the end of the calendar year or the academic year or in 5 years. Your work matters, you matter, and your legacy matters. Keep planting the seeds and growing a prosperous future.


Until we meet again!


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